We Welcome Samuel Maama Marquaye to Shidaa Projects and Vermont!

Samuel Maama Marquaye is an award-winning international master dance and drumming
performer. While his September 2023 arrival in Vermont is his first experience in the United States, Samuel has toured Dubai, Libya, Germany and Austria.

He brings a wealth of traditional drum and dance expertise, and is an accomplished choreographer and theater performer. Samuel has held leadership roles in a variety of performing groups, including touring Germany with an all-female Ghanaian band in 2022. Shidaa Projects is excited and fortunate to have him join our Vermont team to help energize and expand our outreach programs. 

Samuel started performing just days after his arrival last Fall and we were honored to share his talent at our recent New Year’s Eve performance.  While 2024 is just beginning, we are working on upcoming events as well as launching some dance classes.  We expect great things to happen in the coming year.  

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