About Us

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About Us

Shidaa Projects, Inc. is a Vermont based 501(c)(3) non profit organization with a dual mission focused on:

1) Cultural education and diversity through sharing West African dances, drumming and other activities, and

2) Improving the lives of families, students and schools through our Help the Needy Project which support the less fortunate in Ghana by collecting and shipping new and gently used goods.

Our workshops and performances include drumming, dance, fabric printing using Adinkra symbols, drum making, beading, and cooking.  These activities are created to incorporate all ages.c


Our workshops are resourceful means of introducing students and teachers to the knowledge of rich African culture and traditions.


Our Residencies are specifically designed for school children from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

School Cultural Activities

Based on the grades of our target audiences, activities could range from simple "Anansi" story telling for younger kids, to dance drumming and choreography for older children.

Shidaa Project Inc

Some of our current programs

Our Staff

Meet Us

Jordan Mensah, MBA
Heather Preis Mensah, MBA
Prosper Kuardio
Julie Hunter, PhD
Christine Hartman
Emmanuel Riby-Williams

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